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Saturday July 26, 2008 
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Nunavut - Untamed, Unspoiled, Undiscovered!

Nunavut - Untamed, Unspoiled, Undiscovered! Nunavut is 1/5 of Canada's landmass and home to polar bears, muskox, whales, walrus, caribou and over 100 bird species. And Inuit culture and traditional ways are very much alive.

Great ecotourism lodges offer cultural experiences, wildlife viewing, canoeing, hiking and trips to visit ancient campsites. Adventure travel flourishes in four National Parks - of which the busiest, Auyuittuq, has just 400 visitors a year!

Six Arctic Cruise itineraries from Inuit owned Cruise North Expeditions are a perfect way to discover the territory. More than a cruise - this expedition company brings you the Inuit culture, vast landscape and unique wildlife through professional interpreters and expedition guides.

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Listen to the show this Saturday for your chance to win an eight day trip for two on the new Cruise North "Northwest Passage Expedition" - departing August 28, 2009, including shipboard accommodations, shore excursions and airfare. The voyage from Resolute Bay through the High Arctic follows the footsteps of early explorers.

For your chance to win, phone into the show at 416-872-1010, 1-800-561-CFRB or *TALK on your cell, or send your question any time this week by entering the contest here online.

Photo credits: Nunavut Tourism & Cruise North
Zodiac and Ship: Jean Weller
Sunset: L. Millman