Grenada – the Spice of the Caribbean

Grenada and the Grenadines - ‘The Spice of the Caribbean' - has lush vegetation, bountiful beaches and adventures on land and sea. This is a three island nation – and together with the unspoiled islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Grenada offers a safe, romantic, natural, very authentic - and affordable vacation.

You can enjoy unique vacation experiences - varied, active, energizing and quietly exciting – to put you in tune with the ‘Rhythms of Spice' for a lifetime! And you will meet a people whose simple, celebratory, colourful lifestyle and unmatched warmth make Grenadians the very ‘Spice' of the land.

Grenada's waters offer vast, diverse coral reefs and the first underwater sculpture garden in the world. Divers and snorkellers can view rare oyster beds, abundant fish, and a submarine volcano. Other water activities include world-class yachting, sports fishing, whale watching or catching a glimpse of the spectacular leatherback turtles hatching their eggs.

If you like your activities on land - the Grenada Golf Club is a challenging nine-hole golf course which plays eighteen holes from separate tee boxes. An enjoyable holiday course with views of the Caribbean Sea, this picturesque par 67 design boasts an open layout with most holes clearly visible from the clubhouse.

Environmentally conscious and with no high rise hotels, one ninth of Grenada’s land mass forms nature preserves. Grenada has pristine white sand beaches, tropical rainforests, ocean gardens and spectacular waterfalls. You can get close to nature on one of Grenada’s many hiking trails – from a leisurely stroll along the shores of Grand Etang Lake to a rigorous two and a half hour trek along a rocky, mountainous ridge to Mt. Qua Qua.

Grenada's vibrant culture has a rich colonial history, three hundred years of spice and rum production, friendly people and food laced with local spices. Grenada is home to the oldest working waterway in the western hemisphere at Westerhall Estate, where you can see the entire rum making process, enjoy a strictly organic lunch and sample a variety of rums.

Just an hour’s scenic drive from St George’s (often described as the prettiest capital city in the Caribbean) is Belmont Estate where visitors gain a real and Eco-friendly taste of Grenada, its history, culture, and flavors. Explore the fascinating story of the cocoa bean from traditional to present-day methods of processing. The Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station is one of the largest nutmeg processing factories on the island. See the workers choose, grade and package the nutmegs and then shop for spices afterwards.

Grenada Trip Showcase

Transat Holidays has weekly direct flights from Toronto to St George’s in Grenada between December 23, 2013 and April 14, 2014. Take a Transat Holidays all inclusive vacation with a choice of seven resorts in Grenada. Three properties are in the Transat Golf Collection - which means golf is included as part of your package. Some hotels offer two white-sand beaches: one for water sports and the other for swimming, snorkeling, diving or sunbathing.

The Grenadian by Rex Resorts has been designated a “Fab Find” – which means the experts at Transat Holidays believe that it brings together all the ingredients for a great vacation. This hotel is beachfront approximately 10 kms from the capital of St George’s and 2 kms from the Grenada airport.

This hotel is a great choice for beach lovers, being located on two broad white-sand beaches, one of which is ideal for those who just want to kick their feet up, relax and soak up the rays from the hot Caribbean sun. The other beach is more active with lots of water sports.

There are just 172 rooms at this quiet hotel with a daily buffet and à la carte Asian restaurant. Don’t miss the Courtyard Café serving traditional English afternoon tea. There is a kid’s club for ages 4-12 years and nightly entertainment. The authentic shows on offer encompasses limbo, steel pan and cultural displays.
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