Top 10 Cities

Chris’ personal picks from places in the world that he has visited.

Sydney: A unique setting, with miles of coastline with over 70 beaches, a breathtaking harbour and mountainous parklands are all complemented by a benign sub-tropical climate. Sydney Harbour Bridge is an icon and Sydney Opera House is so elegant. Bondi Beach and the Pacific Ocean provide a fabulous alternative to the city sights.

Cape Town: Close to the southern tip of Africa, it’s the unique natural setting of this city that makes it so breathtaking.  Take the cableway up to Table Mountain for a panoramic view and some great hikes. Robben Island, penguin colonies and terrific beaches just add to the attractions.

Rio de Janeiro:  Beautiful and crazy, Rio assaults the senses. The improbable Sugarloaf Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer (one of the New Wonders of the World), the perfection of Copacabana Beach, the Carnival and the largest urban forest in the world are the palette on which the human dramas of this city are written.

Ottawa: No other major capital city of the world is built on such a human scale. Ottawa is over-endowed for its size with national museums and historic buildings and everywhere is walkable. Winterlude, the city’s February festival, makes an attraction of Winter’s worst!  

Hong Kong: East meets West, city adjoins mountain, metropolis and ocean merge…This extraordinary world city is brash and colourful, yet the serenity of temples and ocean islands are never more than minutes away. Add incomparable shopping, luxurious hotels and scrumptious cuisine – it’s quite a recipe.

London:  This city defines what a city is all about.  Massive, historical, full of parks, graced by the River Thames and rejuvenated by modern attractions and architecture: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”. 

Vancouver: Where the ocean meets the mountains, producing spectacular natural beauty, Vancouver has a laid-back charm that makes it easily accessible and often invites love at first sight. With the 2010 Winter Olympics offering a window to the world, it will become even more popular.

Venice: One of life’s greatest pleasures is to lose yourself in the medieval byways and alleys of this romantic city of the water. Palaces and bridges, gondolas and piazzas meld to create an urban dream lost in the mists of another time.

Berlin: From Berlin has emerged triumphant from its days as a divided city to become a vivacious and modern city celebrating both the old and the new. Museums and castles, palaces and gardens, a vibrant nightlife and great value too.

Amsterdam: Explore cobbled streets, a unique artistic heritage and a very colourful nightlife! This city has a youthful energy and a real buzz. Plunge yourself into history, breathtaking art or relax among the canals and bars that this city is famous for.